From the April, 2015

Did Your Spouse Sign Your Personal Guarantee?

Community Debts – The Common rule The power of one spouse to make the marital community liable for a debt or contract is called the power to bind. Generally, each spouse individually has the […]

Are Tax Rate Increases In Your Future?

Not so long ago a once popular President said “read my lips, no new taxes”, then proceeded to raise tax rates. Since the days of the Boston Tea Party, Americans have been frustrated with […]

The Tables Have Turned

The lost email scandal of 2014 is entering a new phase, a possible criminal investigation. In 2014 the IRS claimed to have “lost” thousands of emails that may show conservative groups were targeted for […]

Common Tax Misconceptions And How To Avoid Them

Filing taxes is a complicated task, and it can be confusing figuring out what information to provide. There are several choices when determining your tax status, and it can also be hard to figure […]

Will Your End-of-Life Decisions be Respected?

Congress passed the Patient Self-Determination Act in 1990 which made it clear that an individual’s express wishes regarding medical decisions were to be respected by health care providers. This included the right to record […]

3 Contracts Your New Business Needs

One of the most important things a start-up business can do is to protect itself legally. The best way to ensure that you do this is to work with a knowledgeable business attorney. While […]