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Schedules You May Need for Your 2019 Form 1040 – Did You Know?

Many taxpayers were surprised to learn that they needed to include multiple numbered schedules with their 2018 federal Form 1040s. Since the IRS has now combined some of these schedules, there are fewer numbered […]

Quickly Approaching 2020 Tax Deadlines

Below is a list of the approaching tax deadlines: S-Corporation and Partnership Returns are due on March 16, 2020. Extension allowed to September 15, 2020. C-Corporation returns are due on April 15, 2020. Extension […]

What’s the Opportunity with Opportunity Zones?

Attracting investment in areas that need development is an ongoing government objective. And thanks to incentives included in the new tax law, this has become easier. The incentives are simple and substantial – if […]

Alimony – is it still deductible?

Another significant change that occurs under the new tax law is the deductibility of Alimony (sometimes called “Spousal Support” or “Spousal Maintenance”). Previously, the person paying alimony could deduct it from their taxable income […]

IRS Releases New W-4 Form

For 2020, the IRS is again revising and updating forms, including the Form W-4 used to tell your employer what they should withhold from your wages for income tax. The redesigned form is simpler […]

Tax FAQ Series – I Think My Business Needs To Sign Up For an Arizona Transaction Privilege Tax. How Do I Go About This?

Please know that the Consolidated TPT application online has all forms of ID’s and taxation (sales tax, use tax, etc. along with payroll tax, etc.) All you need is the payroll withholding component and […]

Tax FAQ Series – Can You Talk To My Financial Advisor About My Tax Returns and Tax Information?

Yes, of course. BUT, we do need a signed 3rd party waiver from you to discuss your matters with the advisor. This also goes for anyone other than you. _______________________________________________________________________ If you have a question […]

Tax FAQ Series – What Can I Do If I Am Still Waiting On (or didn’t receive) a 1099 From a Company That I Worked For?

We just need the amount to report it. The 1099 isn’t necessary SO LONG as we have the proper, accurate amount. Have more questions? Call (480) 888-7111 to schedule your free consultation today! _______________________________________________________________________ […]

Tax FAQ Series – What Amount Of My State Refund Is Taxable?

The state refund is only taxable to the extent that it exceeded the sales tax deduction. This carry forward amount is calculated on what is called the “Refunds Worksheet” that can be found in […]