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Three Most Common Consequences For Failing To Report Income Made Overseas

When filing your annual income tax return, it is a requirement that you include all of the income made for the year, wherever it was made. For people with jobs that take them out […]

Advice For Picking Healthcare Exemptions And How Your Taxes Are Impacted

Issues surrounding healthcare seem to be everywhere, with many employers increasing the employee portion of coverage and people looking for alternative options in light of these increases. There have also been instances where people […]

How To Determine Your Income For Purposes Of Taxation

The IRS rules allow the Service to collect a certain portion of your income as a tax. This means every year you have to file an income tax return, and report what you made. […]

Have You Received a 1099 Form For Canceled Debt From Your Lender and Don’t Know What to Do With It?

The cancellation of debt, or COD, occurs when a lender cancels or forgives a debt that you owe. This is commonly seen in the occurrence of a foreclosure of a mortgage or in the […]

Are the People of Arizona Being Taxed More Unfairly Than Other States?

Most U.S. taxpayers, at some point in time, have probably felt that the amount of taxes they were required to pay was unfair.  The people at WalletHub recently conducted a survey of 1,050 Americans […]