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Understanding Tax Deductions & Credits

Business taxes are governed by a large volume of tax codes, rules, regulations and procedures. Knowing the ins and outs of these various requirements can make the difference between a tax refund or a […]

The Hobby Loss Rule in the News Again

The Hobby Loss Rule is a presumption long relied on by the IRS to disallow expenses claimed by taxpayers who show losses on their Schedule C. A recent report from the Treasury Department’s Inspector […]

Are Job Hunting Expenses Deductible?

Job hunting is becoming a norm in these roller-coaster economic times. Something that used to only be associated with high school or college graduation has now become something we all may have to face, […]

Tax Credits and Deductions Expiring in 2013

Tax credits and deductions have become an important part of the tax code and a significant benefit to many tax payers. Some credits, like the investment credit for business in American Samoa, are rarely […]

Are Job Search Expenses Tax Deductible?

The reasons for a job search may be varied but the costs are very real and often come at a time when you’re trying to minimize expenses. The good news is that that jobs […]