From the May, 2015

Online Lending Providing Answers for Small Businesses

You might be surprised to learn that small business owners are using online lenders for their credit needs. In fact, a survey conducted by the Federal Reserve Bank of New York found that one […]

Tax Consequences of Selling a Business

Deciding to sell your business can be difficult and exciting at the same time. Not only are you emotionally tied to your business, but the sale of it can be complicated because you must […]

Tax Consequences of Purchasing a Business

If you are considering buying a business, you should be aware that it can carry significant tax implications. Thus, before you execute the purchase agreement, you should have one of our knowledgeable business attorneys […]

Up In Smoke?

Two years ago Colorado became the first state that legalized marijuana. The legalization was initially for medicinal purposes, but one short year later was extended to recreational use as well. One of the driving […]

Tax Tips For Retirement

Planning for retirement is something that should happen as soon as you get your first “real” job. Having enough money in your golden years to make ends meet is easier said than done, but […]

Do I Have To Report Gambling Winnings?

When you file your income tax return you are required to report all income, from whatever source. This includes money from any gambling wins you experienced over the year. The casino will report what […]