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You Can Treat Your Pets Like Your Children In General, But Not In Your Will

It is so easy to love your pets when they work so hard for your affection and come with much less drama and attitude than humans. After loving and caring for your faithful four-legged […]

Arizona Beneficiary Deeds – Another Statutory Estate Planning Tool

“There’s more than one way to skin a cat,” and there are an even greater number of ways to transfer an interest in property to your children or heirs. One of the more recent […]

Picking the Successor Trustee for your Trust

During your lifetime you (and your spouse) typically remain in control of your trust assets and live just as if the trust did not exist at all; you remain in control of your assets […]

Do I Need A Trust?

A close friend’s father recently passed away. He’d lived a grand life and left a wonderful heritage. But the aftermath of his passing was VERY different than many I’ve seen. The difference was simple […]

I Just Moved From Another State – Is My Will Still Valid?

Moving long distance and setting up your home in another state is stressful enough without bringing doubt as to whether your current state courts will honor your will or other legal documents validly executed […]

What Does It Mean When A Trust Becomes “Irrevocable”?

The distinction between a revocable and an irrevocable trust is an important one because it determines whether a particular trust may be modified afterwards by the trustor (the person creating and funding the trust). […]

Wills and Trusts Aren’t Yet Ready to Join the Digital Age

Most people these days use electronic media as their primary form of communication and record keeping, but there are some areas where paper records are still the norm where there is a need to […]