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What the 2018 Tax Brackets Look Like Under Tax Reform

We heard last week that the max personal tax category would be 37%. We now have info on all the personal tax categories along with a few more details. One more committee review then […]

Tips for Year-End Tax Planning in an Uncertain World

As the House and Senate work feverishly to combine the two versions of the new tax legislation, we’re working to shape tax strategies that make sense for our clients as the year-end approaches. Since […]

The Latest on Tax Reform – Senate Passes Tax Bill

The Senate passed the Tax Bill at 2am Saturday morning (Dec 2, 2017). Next step is negotiators from the House and Senate work to reconcile their bills, then it goes to the President for […]

House Passes Tax Cuts And Jobs Act

Just an FYI – the House just passed H.B. 1 (the Tax Cuts & Jobs Act) last week. It now goes to the Senate who needs to either approve it, or pass their own […]

Here it comes – The Beginnings of Tax Reform!

Mark December 7, 2016 on your calendar as the beginning of Tax Reform! It’s likely a date that slipped by pretty much everyone but I’m saying it’s the beginning of a continuing series of […]

Tax Reform May Actually Happen!

With the election of Donald J. Trump as the next President, and both House and Senate now in control of Republican hands, a tax reform bill has a very real chance of becoming law. […]

Republican Majority May Mean Tax Reduction

With the election behind us and the Republican Party now controlling both the House of Representatives and the Senate, tax reform is squarely on the agenda. Republicans have long proposed that a major overhaul […]