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Tax FAQ Series: Is it important for you to handle both my personal and business tax returns?

Yes, we believe it is. Here are 2 important reasons why. Your refund will likely be larger. Your audit risk will likely be smaller. The US Tax Code has evolved since 1861 when the […]

Tax FAQ Series – Why is there an amendment fee? I just need to change one simple thing.

You know the situation – your return is prepared then you find (or someone sends you) one more piece of tax data that needs to go on your return. You contact us and find […]

Tax FAQ Series – All About Estimated Tax Payments

What are Estimated Tax Payments? Let’s start with what they’re not. If you receive a W-2 wage from your employer or pay yourself a W-2 wage from your own business, there will likely be […]

Tax FAQ Series: When should a Form 1099-Misc be issued?

A 1099-Misc Form should be issued to Non-W-2 providers of services, including sole-proprietors, partnerships (including LLC’s that have elected to be taxed as partnerships), and independent contractors. However, you are not required to issue […]

My bookkeeper is asking for the year-end adjusting journal entries – what are they and do I need them?

We recommend that the company’s accounting records be maintained as the primary source of financial information and that you do NOT attempt to adjust these financial records to match the tax return information. Although […]

Tax FAQ Series: I’m an S-Corp – Do I need to pay myself a wage?

A: YES! While there are a few exceptions, the short answer is a simple and resounding YES! When you make the S-Election, you get a number of tax benefits. But one important requirement to […]

Tax FAQ Series – Do I Need To Keep Records?

Yes! What records you need for your business should be shaped by the needs of your business (not the IRS). If you need detailed records of inventory or customer receivables, then keep them. And […]

Tax FAQ Series: Is Bookkeeping Important?

Yes. Very important! Financial reports provide you a way to know how your business is doing at a detailed level and the bookkeeping activity is what provides the detail for these financial reports. This […]

Tax FAQ Series: What programs are out there to keep track of my business expenses/deductions?

There are a lot of great apps and programs for tracking expenses/deductions. Here are a few we suggest. Mint.Com: This is a free online system that allows you to link your bank accounts to […]

IRS Dispels Five Myths About Tax Refunds

As we approach the tax deadline, taxpayers are anxious to receive their tax refunds. Rumors about refunds often circulate online. The IRS dispelled five of these myths about tax refunds. We’ve summarized these myths […]