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Three Steps To Retiring With Lower Tax Liability

We all look forward to that day where we can clock out for the last time, and go home without having to hit the snooze button the next morning to report for work. Retirement […]

Are Tax Free Weekends Really A Good Idea?

Most states have a weekend or two set aside each year where retailers offer goods on a tax free basis. Many consumers take advantage of these weekends by doing their back to school or […]

Tax Considerations To Think About When Deciding On A Business Structure

The decision to go into business for yourself is not an easy one, and should only be made after you have armed yourself with critical information on business management and operations. Your plan should […]

How S Corporations Can Avoid Double Taxation

Any time a new business is formed; several important decisions about how the company will be structured must be made. The choices made at inception will dictate how things are done in the future, […]

Three Most Common Consequences For Failing To Report Income Made Overseas

When filing your annual income tax return, it is a requirement that you include all of the income made for the year, wherever it was made. For people with jobs that take them out […]

What Not To Do When Facing A Tax Problem

When most people think about the kinds of issues that can arise with paying taxes, being unable to pay the amount due or being the subject of an audit most frequently come to mind. […]

Some Tax Moves To Make Before Summer Ends: Performing A 6 Month Check Up

Planning for income taxes in the middle of the summer, or while on vacation is not on the top of anyone’s to-do list. But, doing so can save you a lot of headache and […]

Advice For Picking Healthcare Exemptions And How Your Taxes Are Impacted

Issues surrounding healthcare seem to be everywhere, with many employers increasing the employee portion of coverage and people looking for alternative options in light of these increases. There have also been instances where people […]

Can I Be Taxed For Trading Stocks And Other Securities?

Investing in your future or planning for retirement by purchasing stocks and other securities is a common strategy. It is also common that you might need to trade these stocks arises before you are […]

Best Ways To Handle An At Home College Student Come Tax Time

With the recent economic instability in the country, many children are living at home longer than in previous years. As kids graduate high school and enter college, several are opting to live at home […]