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Do you Qualify for the Earned Income Tax Credit?

A Virginia woman recently plead guilty to defrauding the federal government’s child tax credit program to the tune of more than $7.2 million. The woman admitted to filing more than 1700 false tax returns […]

Have You Been A Victim of Identity Theft? Protect Yourself and Your Tax Refund From Fraud

Unfortunately, every year, a growing number of Americans experience identity theft first hand. Most instances involve the misuse of an existing credit card or bank account, but return fraud is one of the biggest […]

You Still Have Time to Take Advantage of Saver’s Credit for 2014 Filing

Saver’s credit, officially known as retirement savings contributions credit, is a great way to save money and save on your taxes. Saver’s credit is an incentive to low and moderate-income taxpayers to make retirement […]

The IRS Gives Guidance on Charitable Donations to Fight Ebola

Facebook founder, and CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, and his wife Priscilla, recently donated $25 million to the Center for Disease Control to help fight Ebola. While most of us aren’t capable of keeping up with […]

Early Filing – Early Refund? Maybe Not. IRS Expects Delays in 2014 Refunds

The Internal Revenue Service typically opens the tax season the last week of January, and closes it on the 15th day of April. The 2015 tax season is expected to begin January 23, 2015. […]

Have You Received a 1099 Form For Canceled Debt From Your Lender and Don’t Know What to Do With It?

The cancellation of debt, or COD, occurs when a lender cancels or forgives a debt that you owe. This is commonly seen in the occurrence of a foreclosure of a mortgage or in the […]

I Wasn’t Traveling Away From Home – Can I Still Deduct Lodging as a Business Expense?

Your employer is putting on a seven-day training seminar for all its employees at a hotel near its corporate headquarters. Some of the company’s employees do not live near corporate headquarters and must travel […]

News of Seven Month Tax Refund Delay – Complete Hoax

When it comes to your tax refund, you probably want to receive it as soon as possible. In the past several months, there have been news articles out there about the IRS delaying refunds […]

IRS Amends Rules to Enlarge Whistleblower Awards

Did you know that the IRS offers money to individuals who inform on those who are cheating on their taxes? It’s called whistleblowing, and the Internal Revenue Service has an entire branch, the Whistleblower […]

IRS Increases Password Security Protocols for Online Users

A recent survey questioned more than 1,000 Americans regarding their thoughts on online security. The survey found that out of those polled, nearly 50 percent had been the victim of a data breach in […]