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Changes in the IRS Office of Appeals– Do New Rules Create a More Fair and Impartial Process?

You’ve been the subject of an IRS audit. The result was not favorable to you. Do you want to appeal the examiner’s opinion? Prior to September 2, 2014, appealing the result of an audit […]

IRS Imposters Targeting Unsuspecting Taxpayers With Continuing Phone Scams

People all over the country are receiving calls from scam artists posing as IRS agents attempting to collect delinquent taxes. The level of deception goes fairly deep and is fairly complex. The imposters are […]

Missing Receipts to Either Prove Deductions or Respond to an Audit?

Don’t pay more in taxes simply because you cannot find all the receipts to prove your allowable deductions on your tax return, or open yourself up to an IRS audit because you move forward […]

U. S. Taxpayers With Foreign Assets Have Filing Obligations

The IRS continues to remind taxpayer of their foreign asset filing obligations.  The obligations apply to U.S. citizens, resident aliens, including those with dual citizenship, and those living abroad.  In fact, the filing deadline […]

Virtual Currency Treated As Property by IRS

The Internal Revenue Service recently released their views on the proper tax treatment of virtual currencies such as bitcoin.  These virtual currencies are often used as a medium of exchange for payment for goods […]

Responsible Person Liability For Payroll Taxes

The Internal Revenue Code (Section 7501) states that payroll taxes withheld from an employee’s paycheck are held in trust for the United States and must be paid to them.  Withholding these funds and then […]

IRS May Offer Penalty Relief Under OVDP

The IRS continues to collect revenue under its Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Program (OVDP).  To date it has brought in $5 billion in revenue.  The penalties are varied and can be severe.  Recently, the IRS […]

IRS Ramps Up Use of Summonses to Gather Taxpayer Information

A recent uptick in IRS summons litigation indicates an increase by the Service’s use of summonses to gather information and accelerate investigations.  This has been confirmed in a speech given by IRS officials at […]

IRS Heads East on Tax Evasion Hunt.

The IRS cracked the bank secrecy laws of Switzerland and it is aggressively pursing tax evaders and their Swiss enablers.  But there has never been any reason why the IRS can’t head east and […]

IRS Announces Fast Track Settlement Program For Small Businesses

The IRS has announced a program for small businesses that is similar to the Large Business Fast Track Settlement (FTS) Program.  The IRS’s stated goal of the FTS is to “ resolve tax differences at […]