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Here Comes The Health Care Tax Penalty

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, commonly called the “Affordable Care Act” or “ObamaCare” was enacted four years ago and requires all US Citizens to have health insurance or pay a penalty on […]

New IRS Guidance For Innocent Spouse Procedures

Often times a spouse, or former spouse, may receive an enormous tax assessment from the IRS and have no idea why.  It might just be that the tax liability is the result of tax […]

Late Tax Filing Penalties for LLC’s – They can be waived!

Late filing penalties are assessed by the IRS any time you file a return later than the specified deadline. And while it’s possible to have these waived if you can show “reasonable cause,” the […]

Are There Errors On Your Credit Report?

Pretty much everyone has a credit report and most are used to determine credit worthiness for various types of loans. But a surprising one in four reports contain some type of error according to […]

Does My Income Level Affect My Chance of Being Audited?

No matter how careful we are with taxes, the threat of an audit seems to lurk like a bad dream in the recesses of taxpayers minds. But how likely is an audit. Well, here’s […]

Tax Refunds are UP!

The IRS just released the 2014 tax filing season statistics and the biggest news is that both the number and amount of refunds are up. While there are still a few months to the […]

Finally – a Win for Free Speech

Thanks to a federal judge in St. Louis on February 6, 2014, automobile drivers still have the right to warn each other about approaching speed traps by flashing their lights. Michael Elli received a […]

Tax Preparation – Is a 2nd opinion worth it?

There are several advantages to filing your own tax return. If you’re not already, you’ll definitely become intimately aware of the financial details of the last year. You’ll know every number and have a […]

Fixing Tax Debts 101

If you owe the IRS, you have options. There are lots of programs, lots of new arrangements and lots of strategies to address it. And the options range from some provided by the IRS […]

Dead or Alive – Mortgage Forgiveness in 2014

The Debt Forgiveness Act, originally passed by Congress in 2007 to give tax relief to homeowners who lost their homes to short sale or foreclosure, expired on New Year’s Day 2014. As a result, […]